Unit 9

The whole pages on the practice portfolio include some of the main works that successively done in previous units. On the first page, I made 9 different collages that illustrate each different emotion. On the second page, I made the storyboard by bringing the characteristics that I made on the first page. On the third page, I made one 15 seconds moving image with after effects. In the final works, I made one souvenir for kettle’s yard. I always considered how I can communicate with the audience more effectively. Therefore most of my works were made with 3D and moving images which were used time-based problems. For further research, I learned the basic shape of the body to interact with the audience much more effectively. Muscles and joints were one of my favorite parts in describing humans characteristics. For instance, I emphasized some specific body parts to exaggerate in my initial character. Movements also included huge effects in forming character. In the moving image, I realized that if the whole movements described dynamically, then the final pieces of works might bring huge creativity. By exaggerating the huge jaw and dark circles of final character in after effects, I worked well. In 3D works, I really interested in making earrings not only as it was the first time to develop some stuff as 3D works, but also I had to consider the physical guesses whether it could be suit to human ears or not. The entire subjects that I made in initial works made me grow myself for further research.


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