Contextual Studies

Something that inspires me creatively


Name of illustration. Quasimodo on a gargoyle

WHAT it is. Illustration for Folio Society edition (1990) in blue halftone throughout.

WHO made it. Illustrated by Quentin Blake.

WHEN it was made. 1998 deition

WHERE it was made. Probably illustrated in his working place.

WHAT materials it is made from. Pen, ink, pencil, watercolour paper.

Description ”Quentin illustrated the Folio Society edition (1998) in blue halftone throughout, except for the striking silhouette of Quasimodo against Notre Dame cathedral which appeared on the front cover.”

Bibliography: Quentin Blake. 2020. Quasimodo On A Gargoyle. [online] Available at: <; [Accessed 28 December 2020].

I have chosen this because:

Quantin Blake is one of my favorite illustrators. The use of free lines and colors broke the frame of the existing standardized illustrations. The painting is generally warm, but sometimes it is grotesque. I think ‘grotesque’ is another important element of art, which I think influences Tim Burton’s influence later on.


Contextual Studies”의 2개의 생각

  1. You have made an attempt at some of these blog posts Seokwon – but many are incomplete or need more development. You need to increase the level of detail in your work by doing more research and then using the information you have found to help explain your own views. A couple of sentences is too short as a response – try and imagine that you are explaining the subject to someone who knows nothing about it – you need to define the meaning of the keywords or concepts and where you are asked to make a judgement, you need to do enough research to be able to weigh up the positive and negative issues before giving your own view. Also, don’t forget to use referencing to show the research you have done.



    1. Thanks Miss for feedbacking me. I’ll keep that in my mind and fix it. Thanks for the comment.


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