PART  I – Climate change

Project Duration: 3 Weeks

Submission Date: 23d November 2020


I assembled different images related to climate change to see other viewpoints of the natural worlds. I mainly focused on two main points: climate change by human and climate change by natural factors. 
Firstly, I realized that human beings mainly cause climate change. People try hard to make the new materials to lengthen Earth’s overall life span, but it turns to failure and brings more significant catastrophes. For example, in the movie Snowpiercer, human blasted the target to the sky to release the overall temperature. However, the Earth turns to super cold that no one can hide from coldness. 
Secondly, climate change by natural factors—for instance, volcanic eruptions and ocean currents. However, there are limitations in describing relations and interactions between humans and nature, which lose concentration.



In-text: (climate-change noun – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at OxfordLearnersDictionaries.com, 2020)

Your Bibliography: Oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com. 2020. Climate-Change Noun – Definition, Pictures, Pronunciation And Usage Notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary At Oxfordlearnersdictionaries.Com. [online] Available at: <https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/climate-change?q=climate+change&gt; [Accessed 11 October 2020].


I visited the Botanical garden as a primary study. In this study, I would like to focus on tropical rainforests located in South America.

Contact sheets

Before jump to climate change, I have to get a sense of peace of inspiration to use them for final projects. Therefore, I visited two prominent natural places in Cambridge: Paradise local Nature Reserve and Botanical garden. In Paradise local Nature Reserve, I took pictures of both animals and the natural viewpoints surrounding them. When I visited the Botanical garden, I could see the small gallery where displays various scientific exhibitions. I first saw that site on the BBC broadcast. Furthermore, I heard that that place is for researching natural features and make new eco-friendly products assembling DNA.


Books and documentaries that I read and watched

Through the above data survey, I confirmed that plants are one of the ways to solve climate change. Therefore, I think that if I use these elements in reverse to construct the story, I can develop a bizarre story.

3. SYNOPSES of my story

4. Concept art

4 – 1 . Thumbnail drawings – Watercolour

I visited Paradise local Nature in Cambridge to get inspiration. It was a great opportunity, but as I don’t know the basics of plants, It would better to research in detail later.

I discovered one of the new ways to create animation. It is an animation using Photoshop, and unlike the previous method of drawing frames one by one, it was a more convenient method because when I draw one, the next frame to be drawn is immediately visible.

I mainly focused on the simple bizarre image. The process of turning an ordinary tree into a monster was drawn within 12 frames. Unlike animation using a puppet, it was cumbersome that I to have to paint colours one frame by frame.

Thumbnail ideas

To draw a new concept art, each piece of paper was cut and pasted on one piece of paper to create a layered effect.

To give contrast, the main character (player) was painted blue, and the wood monster was highlighted in red.

4 – 2 . Thumbnail drawings – Digital

I drew several drawings to get different inspirational images. It was successful in forming different characters. However, as it indicates the whole various topics, it was inappropriate to develop climate change-related characters. As I created potential characters, I’ll use five of them and make them in detail.  I chose a soldier with a tree arm, grotesque fish that has humanistic body parts, moving furniture, and the polar bear with female body parts.

5 – 1. Character designs

I proceeded with the intermediate sketching process based on one of the thumbnail pictures I drew earlier. I tried to select ‘Soldier’ ​​as the main character, and I drew a present-futuristic soldier who can fight in nature. I got inspiration from existing soldiers.

5 – 2. Character designs

The concept of the drawing is that a soldier was infected by the parasite tree and was injured. I precede drawing in detail a soldier whom I outlined earlier. It was successfully described but did not come across to my mind as the overall pose, and the facial features are a bit simple. It would better to change the pose as dynamic as well.
Besides, I drew an Australian soldier who exists, not the character I imagined, so if I select it as the final character, I have to change the design and face.

6. Final character

I designed the final character to be used in the animated sequence of Part 1. Initially, I tried to create a young woman as a motif, but I thought a more middle-aged character was suitable for action performing.
The skin color was inspired by the Japanese anime’Akira’ and’Ghost in the Shell’. When painting, by deliberately lowering the saturation than the basic color, I was able to increase the realism and concentration of the painting. The skin color was infected by the tree and turned purple, and the eyelids and lips were emphasized with red. I thought that the overall face shape would be between Asian and European. The eye design inserted the typical British eye (William Laud’s eye). I like the final design quite a bit, and I plan to draw more illustrations in various poses.

Bibliography: En.wikipedia.org. 2020. Banyan. [online] Available at: <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banyan&gt; [Accessed 19 October 2020].

I designed a monster formed by intertwining many trees and tree roots.

I designed a tree infected person. The host’s body inflates like a balloon, and trees grow on it.

I drew a monster whose branches of a tree turned into human hands. The use and composition of colors is boring and not fun. It would be good to recreate it later with a similar concept.


Environment drawing – digital

As the background drawing, got inspiration from the Korean webtoon series called HIVE. In that story, because of the climate change, as
Glacier melted, the quantities of oxygen increased. Therefore the giant insects appeared and attacked human beings and their inhabitants. 

Inspiration from HIVE


7. Story board

Rough Story board

The overall storyboard will consist of 24 to 30 scenes. Before creating the final storyboard, I made a storyboard using rough sketches. I tried to make the movement as dynamic as possible.

Final Story board

To exaggerate the grotesque atmosphere, I just use black and white colors. She is shooting her gun and the bullets explored when it meets the monster.
After she destroyed the monster, she goes into the forest and sees her face through the water. Unfortunately, it is so hard to understand the overall story without annotation.
The main character is looking at her face through the water. However, some grotesque creatures come into her mouth and she swallows it. Then she suddenly climes the tree. Scenes two and three look too rough that is herd to understand for the first time.
In this scene, the main character is climbing a tree however, suddenly a tree branch is broken and a woman falls. To help the viewer understand it, I tried to draw it in great detail, and an impressive image was created using cartoonish elements.

The final mood board was intended to end with a bizarre image of a tree growing on the body of the main character who is fallen. It consists of six frames, two frames showing the upper and lower body of the character, and four scenes close-up of the scene where the character becomes a tree.
In order to produce each sequence drawn one by one on the storyboard as a connected video, each frame had to be taken and saved. Each photo was then transferred to the Premire Pro to set the time duration per frame. Effects such as twisting, expanding, reducing, etc. help viewers understand the story more easily. Basic sound effects are inserted to increase the picture’s richness, that is, immersion. At first, I didn’t pay attention to the trivial sounds, such as the sounds made when the basic sounds of nature and the main character’s clothes interlocked, but as a result of applying it with the teacher’s advice, I created more three-dimensional sounds.


Drawing style:

In the drawing style, I was inspired by the storyboard of Matrix. I believed that the clearly contrasting black and white highlights the strong image and allows the use of cartoonish elements.

Almost all of the poses for the main character were taken from my full body photos. In particular, in order to implement a falling scene, I pose as if it instantly hits the floor. In order to draw more dynamic than the actual poses, I used perspective, such as drawing the feet larger.

The sequence was successfully constructed. Although the storytelling process is quite complex and difficult to understand, the final sequences and bizarre sound effects were effective. The point to be supplemented is that the illustrations in the middle storyboard are not described in detail, so I need to correct them, and I can maximize the bizarreness by inserting completely contrasting music like classical music for the last sound effect.

9. Final outcome for part one

As the final outcome of part 1, unit 10, I tried to make the AR mask. 
Expected result: A person’s face is tracked, and a virtual mask is placed on the face. The mask looks like the root of a tree, and when I make a motion, such as moving my jaw, the tree comes out of my mouth.

 To do this, first of all, I downloaded ‘Spark AR Studio’. I opened the software and hit the camera icon in the top left corner. I clicked the ‘Assets’ and added ‘face mash’. Then, I able to see my face is tracked by the software AI system.
The poor mask is completed. Although it succeeded in importing the 3D file created by Blender into’Spark AR Studio,’ there was no problem with tracking the face. However, it was not possible to proceed with production anymore due to time limitations. If I have plenty more time later, I will improve it to make the mask look like the real AR mask.

What I feel after this work is that the software develops rapidly and is easy to handle, so even people who lack computer-related knowledge can produce related content without any problems. Now I have to focus more on the ‘idea.’ In addition, I feel that constant research is required to come up with good ideas.


Reflective blog entries


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