Topic: Style

Project Duration: 2 weeks

Submission Date: 23d November 2020

Project Proposal

The overall intention of the project is style making. Applying various characters into different media will make a new style that I’d not tried before. As media, I will make a simple game using coding. As I don’t have distinctive knowledge and techniques, in the game context, I will make simple games such as running games, which is much easier to make but gives players deep concentration.

As characters in game specifically, I’m aiming to make grotesque and exaggerated facial features and body movements to look more dynamic and make players excited.

As materials, I will use a computer for actual game making and artist research, pen, and paper to draw thumbnail sketches.

Part two – STYLE

Coding game practice – Basic cube game

I thought of making a game with the introduction of a new style. Unlike the way of enjoying the content from the viewer’s position, the game can be a direct experiencer, which increases the immersion of the work, and above all, the development that changes the ending by themselves leaves a greater impression on people.

Basic cording for the main cube

In fact, in order to make this seemingly simple game, I restarted the game over five times. I had to invest a lot of effort and time to keep the time to a minimum in memorizing basic Unity tool positions. Currently, I have produced a game completed in 5 different difficulty levels.
However, since all the coding sources needed for the game were obtained from YouTube, I plan to create the coding sources myself later.
Features of the game: 1. The game starts with a cube and ends with a cube. 2. The player can complete the fast moving blue cube to the end, avoiding obstacles by adjusting the direction by pressing ‘A’ and ‘D’ on the keyboard. However, even if you get caught in an obstacle, you don’t have to worry about losing the game. 3. One drawback is that the cube does not die if it falls outside during play-in this situation, you have to restart the game. 4. There is a level up stage in the middle, but this is the starting point where the difficulty becomes increasingly difficult. 5. The developer (Seokwon) kindly made the menu screen by coding. When you press the ‘START’ button, the game starts. 6. There is a score dashboard. If you survive long, you can get a high score-the moment you fall, your score no longer rises.

Game synopses for my first game

Concept Art

Using the experience of creating a simple game using the Unity engine earlier, this time, I planned a first person shooter using the Unreal engine. The characters and concepts were created by part one and climate change. I tried drawing it digitally, but I didn’t like it more than I thought. First of all, it does not feel mysterious, and above all, it is not dynamic and bizarre.

3D character – Inspiration

My designed characters

The above oriental paintings were painted in the early 19th century by a famous Korean painter called Shin Yun-bok. The women who wash their hair in front of the river were like the trees in front of the river that I took, so I put them on the blog.
Interesting point: Two monks are watching bathing in the background.

Kansong.org. 2020. 단오풍정 | 간송미술문화재단. [online] Available at: <http://kansong.org/collection/danopungjeong/&gt;.

Final devil character

Made the final wood monster. At first, I drew the wood monster washing his hair as pose, but I erased it because it would disturb the bizarre atmosphere of the game. If implemented in a game, I thought of a concept of inserting an AI zombie to pursue and attack the main character.

Monster Sculpting – Blender

Failed hair

Hair – coloring



Hair physics Failure

Final wood character animation

There have been countless, truly incredibly many failures to get to this process. But finally, I succeeded in producing animation in ‘Blender’!
The bizarreness and dynamic movements that I expected were all implemented. If you look at the animation, you can see the monster swinging only his left hand. In fact, in the process of inserting the bone in the right hand, defects occur, and when the right arm is stretched, the entire body is disturbed.

Sound adding

In order to enjoy the animation more abundantly and interestingly, sound was added. I also put a lot of effort into the process of inserting sounds (really). There were various sounds of monsters attached to the sound source site, but all of them made artificial sounds that didn’t come to my heart very much. The sorrow was actually the cry of a lion in a zoo. As a drawback, the cry of a lion was too much of a carnivore, and there was a slight discrepancy.

Blender to Unreal

In fact, sending the blender file to unreal was the most difficult and complicated part. Usually, I need to send the blender file in OBJ or FBX format. In this process, I need to select the object size, storage method, and file type. Also, the order of changing the concept of Bone (the concept of Blender) to the concept of skeleton (the concept of Unreal) is necessary.

Zombie AI monster

First sculpting – Main character

Error – File disappeared

Second sculping

Making separate physical parts


The final 3D character was created. Her head got a little bigger, so the overall proportions weren’t perfect, but in the end I’m very satisfied.


As the final 3D character, very satisfactory character is developed.

Rigging Problem

Failed solution 1

Failed solution 2

Failed solution 3

Great solution

Auto rigging problem – Adobe Mixamo

What’s her name?

I gave her name ‘Persephone’ who was Goddess of seeds, spring and agriculture in Greek and Roman mythology. Hades, god of death kidnap her and make her his wife.

I lost my file again

Final game

Made the final game. The game may seem crappy, but I spent a lot of time and effort in two weeks to produce all the moving things in the video. The game I expected in the first person changed to the third person, but it is meaningful that I made my character moving with’w’,’a’,’s’,’d’, and’space bar’ in time. I accidentally lost the background file, however I was satisfied with the map provided by default in Unreal.

Countless failures I’ve been through


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