Unit 12 – PART II

Topic: Skill Research

Project Duration: 3 Weeks

Submission Date: 14th February 2021

Basically, I made VR game in my previous project, Unit 12 – PART I. However, as the game isn’t refined yet, I want to develop it further. Through the unit, I will research the subject of UI design and UX design. The final goal of this project is to explore more detailed skills of coding and UI,UX design. In coding, even I’ve made four games using coding and blueprints, I don’t know what exactly the coding is. I want to learn the way of writing coding script for myself. In final week of the project, I would like to publish my first VR game in Steam if it is possible. To achieve the entire goal, I would have to make the timetable and the project proposal and specific project goal.

In Unit 12, the project was undertaken under the theme of ‘surveillance’ in ‘nightmare’. I made a virtual reality game based on Unity Engine. The final goal of the game was to remove the chicken coop using a vr controller. However, I haven’t create a character that contradicts with the game player from completing the mission. Therefore, I plan to design a CCTV to monitor and interfere with game players.

Book reading

Character sculpting

How to reduce particles in mesh?

1 – Merge by distance

2 – Retopology

UV editing for texturing

Final character


Camera – operated

The concept of the CCTV character’s game is as follows: 1. When the CCTV detects the player’s movement, it says “camera. operated”. 2. The camera’s head follows the player.

Thumbnail drawing

Final character

Electricity effect

Failed neck



Through Unit 12 part one and two, I had time to understand the topic ‘nightmares and dreamscape’ and studied more ‘skill research’. In part one, I learned how to expot the created blender animation to the Unity game Engine, In addition, by creating a virtual reality game, I investigated the operating principle and implementatino method of virtual reality. As for specific skill research, I learned about VR teleport, VRobject gribbing, Haptic vibration signals, VR behavior mirroring, Unity engine physics, and Unity lightening. The advantage of Part one is that I made a realizable VR game, and all of the meshes implemented are of great signigicance as I made them myself. Moreover, by reading books and watching documentaries about VR and dreams, I became curious about VR and as well as dreams. The downside of Part one is that it can’t implement UI design in the game, therefore there is no beginning or end of the game, there is no difficulty, and it is a bit boring to play. To comensate for this, I decided to build a CCTV robot in part two to make the player feel much difficult to play the game.

Part two is an extension of Part One, however more focused on the ‘Skill research’. Here, ‘skill’ focuses on virtual reality and UI design. By creating a CCTV antagonist character, I produced a high quality fact mesh that can be used in games and animations. To do this, I studied the operating principles and differences of Blender’s ‘retopology’ and ‘merge by distance’. Moreover, apart from Blender shading, Adobe substance painter, a software that can use ‘UV editing and texturing’ of high detail such as skin tissue, can be used in conjunction with Blender. I implemented ‘face rigging’ that I haven’t tried before, and used sophisticated facial muscle movements. By controlling the number of particles using ‘retopology’, I was able to animate the quality mesh that is more suitable for spring. Besides, I implemented the Blender electrictity effect. The adcantage of Part Two is thta it has studied and implemented ‘retopology’ that reduces the number of particles while maintaining the quality of meshes with many particles. I also learned the concept of UI design. The downdide is that it was not possible to implement the CCTV characters in Unity VR. In addition, it is true that the concept of UI and the investigation up to execution are insufficient.


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