Unit 13 – FMP

Project Proposal

Project Brief – Fixed

Idea starts

Mind map & Inspiration Board

Contact sheet – Primary research – Humor and Satire

Memory – Manipulation Secondary research

Artist research week

Rashomon Report

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Deformation Reports

Detroit: Become Human and the type of game that I want to develop

Story Choosing

The Man and the LionJefferys Taylor

A MAN and a lion once had a dispute,
Which was reckoned the greatest, the man or the brute,
The lion discoursed on his side at some length,
And greatly enlarged on his courage and strength.

The man, one would think, had enough to reply
On his side the question, which none could deny;
But, like many others who make a pretence,
He talk’d perfect nonsense and thought it was sense.

“So,” said he, “don’t be prating, look yonder, I pray,
At that sculpture of marble, now what will you say?”
The lion is vanquish’d; but, as for the man,
He is striding upon him; deny it who can.

“But pray,” said the lion, “who sculptured that stone?”
“One of us,” said the man, “I must cand’dly own;”
“But when we are sculptors,” the other replied
“You will then on the man see the lion astride.

The man might have added, if he had been wise,
“But a beast cannot sculpture a stone if he tries.”
That sufficiently shows where the difference lies.


It all depends on the point of view, and who tells the story”.

Corresponding illustrations

VR Game Synopses

Character design – MAN

MAN thumbnail sketches

I drew a thumbnail sketch for a male character. It was drawn with reference to the clothes of the ancient, medieval-Victorian modern period. Four of the nine sketches were drawn with reference to the previously drawn illustrations of the man and the lion. Simple research was done to draw medieval clothes, and medieval people usually made clothes from wool and linen as the main materials. As the color of clothes, they are based on a material called woad, which is widely used by almost all classes of people.
It was difficult to predict the character’s personality. Only the man’s job was revealed, and factors that could predict the man’s name, height, and appearance were not disclosed. Aesop’s fables, which include’the man and the lion’, were written by Isoft, a slave and storyteller who lived in ancient Greece. Also, seeing that marble statue about Hercules kills a Nemean lion, one of the twelve trials in the story, it is possible to create a character based on Greek and Roman mythology.

What I felt while drawing the thumbnail sketch is that the more the character wears clothes with a complex structure, the more the character’s essence becomes blurred. The reason why the second character with furry hat is appealing is that he does not wear a top and wears simple shorts.



Character design – LION

As with man’s character creation, if a character uses a specific region, language, etc., it knows what will disrupt the character’s overall concentration and identity. As the man and the lion are universal regardless of race, my goal is to form the most universal character representing each.


Before making lions in the early days, I looked at the distribution and types of lions. Most lions inhabit Africa, India, and rarely in the hotter regions of Europe in the past. Lions, which are distributed only in southern Europe such as the Iberian Peninsula, southern France, Italy, Greece, and Macedonia, are classified as European lions or generally Asian lions. Lions in the Aesop story and Greek mythology are also likely to be Asian lions.
However, when designing the character, I considered the distribution of lions around the modern era, and mostly considered only Indian or African lions. Thus, as a male character corresponding to a lion, I designed the background of 19th-century Europeans, such as the British army that occupied India in the past, and the British, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Belgium who divided Africa. Or, it was designed in anticipation of the faces of indigenous peoples who existed like lions before, which was designed as a Turkish Indian male.
Even this historical approach was good, but it was unreasonable to design based on historical facts, and there was a setback in the overall character formation. Moreover, I found it could be controversial issues al well.


In addition to the man, I designed the lion with the most universal image in mind.

3D Weight paint based drawing

I drew the lion’s muscle volume and bones as well as the muscles will be implemented with the Blender X-Muscle system. It is also important to learn the overall structure of the bone, and I thought it would be particularly useful in Rigging, the process of planting bones in 3D characters.
While drawing, I felt that the lion’s neck muscles are thicker than I thought. The neck is the same as the weakness of almost all animals, so I think the neck muscles are developed. As an example, when a person feels a threat to life, the neck is unconsciously contacted with the shoulder as much as possible to minimize the area of the neck to protect it. When it comes to lion, the lion’s body balance is lowered, and the neck and vertebrae are aligned, or the position of the cervical vertebra is lowered to minimize the attack surface.
Disadvantages: Due to the limitations of 2D drawing, it was regrettable that the lion muscles and bone structure could not be seen from various angles.

Game concepts sketches

3D character creation

1. Modelling

Create the big part first


1-2. Create the second (detailed) part



2. Poly-Colouring (UV Painting)

Lion’s eyes – Problem

Lion’s eyes – Solution

Rig + Weight paint

3. Animating

No Mixamo

Man animation reference filming

Animating – Shape Keys

Facial animation using Shape keys

I created four shape keys: talk, shout, blink, and angry. It is advantage that the each facial expressions can be displayed at the same time, but if I set the value too high, man’s face could be distorted.

Man’s viewpoint

Lion’s viewpoint

Extra meshes

Failure – Cloth making

What I felt: The results were terrible, but funny. It looked like a pink plastic Tesco bag. In the story of’The man and the lion’, the man’s profession is only mentioned, but the region and era in which the man lived are not mentioned. Perhaps this is just to express that he is a default of ‘man’. I decided to stop making medieval clothes because I think that men should not wear any clothes that is the basis of real life. + My ability to make clothes is too poor, so it looks bad in terms of aesthetics, and can leave room for interpretation which is what I not intended. In addition, I thought that it may be difficult to implement in a game engine due to the nature of the fiber structure to which dynamic physics is applied.

Marble Statue

Environmental design 1 – 1

1 – 2


Problem – There was no need to make textures in Blender

I changed the background color to infer the overall mood of the game. If the background color, which was blue from the lion’s point of view, turns red from the man’s point of view, I think the player will be able to easily distinguish the two.

First Scene & Last Scene Design

UNITY or Unreal Engine 4 ?

Basic VR settings

VR hands settings – Problem

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.XR;

public class HandPresence : MonoBehaviour
    public List<GameObject> controllerPrefabs;
    private InputDevice targetDevice;
    // Start is called before the first frame update
    void Start()
        List<InputDevice> devices = new List<InputDevice>();
        InputDeviceCharacteristics rightControllerCharacteristics = InputDeviceCharacteristics.Right | InputDeviceCharacteristics.Controller;
        InputDevices.GetDevicesWithCharacteristics(rightControllerCharacteristics, devices);

        foreach (var item in devices)
            Debug.Log(item.name + item.characteristics);

        if (devices.Count > 0)
            targetDevice = devices[0];


    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update()
        if (targetDevice.TryGetFeatureValue(CommonUsages.primaryButton, out bool primaryButtonValue)  && primaryButtonValue)
            Debug.Log("Pressing Primary Button");

        if (targetDevice.TryGetFeatureValue(CommonUsages.trigger, out float triggerValue) && triggerValue > 0.1f)
            Debug.Log("Trigger pressed" + triggerValue);

        if (targetDevice.TryGetFeatureValue(CommonUsages.primary2DAxis, out Vector2 primary2DAxisValue) && primary2DAxisValue != Vector2.zero)
            Debug.Log("Primary Touchpad" + primary2DAxisValue);


VR hand I’ve done so far

When I used the above script in Unity, as in the video above, Unity was able to read the movement of the joystick. Also, the’B’ and’A’ buttons are recognizable. The problem seems to have arisen with targeting the VR hand mesh. Also, for some reason, Unity recognizes the button operation of the right controller, but not the left controller. It seemed that it could be solved by investing a little more time, but I thought that the complex structure of the hand had nothing to do with the’rashomon’ topic, so I gave up on further proceedings.

The script where the problem occurred

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.XR;

public class HandPresence : MonoBehaviour
    public bool showController = false;
    public InputDeviceCharacteristics controllerCharacteristics;
    public List<GameObject> controllerPrefabs;
    public GameObject handModelPrefab;

    private InputDevice targetDevice;
    private GameObject spawnedController;
    private GameObject spawnedHandModel;
    // Start is called before the first frame update
    void Start()
        List<InputDevice> devices = new List<InputDevice>();
        InputDevices.GetDevicesWithCharacteristics(controllerCharacteristics, devices);

        foreach (var item in devices)
            Debug.Log(item.name + item.characteristics);

        if (devices.Count > 0)
            targetDevice = devices[0];
            GameObject prefab = controllerPrefabs.Find(controller => controller.name == targetDevice.name);
               spawnedController = Instantiate(prefab, transform);
            spawnedHandModel = Instantiate(handModelPrefab, transform);


    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update()
        if (showController)


Haptic Events

Blender – texture missing Problem, Solution

Problem – Transparency Lion

No Solution

Game Animation

After investing a long time, I succeeded in producing animation. It is not yet possible to interact with any mesh. The teleportation area that moves the location using the VR controller on the right was created, but it has not been applied yet. Although the texture was not applied and the background was not completed, it was very satisfactory because the main and sub characters were rendered clearly like the VR game Super Hot. Ali wanted strong lighting and a corresponding original background to make the game more immersive, so I plan to set the background to black so that the characters can feel more three-dimensional.

Lighting Problem

Script for Voice Over

Music & Voice Over

Voice Over, Sound editing

Scene change Programming

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;

public class SceneSwitch : MonoBehaviour
    // Start is called before the first frame update

    void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other)


Animation inside Unity

Like the animation above, if I select the loop function after creating a specific animation, you can create an animation that repeats infinitely.

Blood Particle system

Final Scene

Final game playing

Final Evaluation

I applied for the university department focusing on VR and Games design. I thought about which of these two disciplines I should choose my career path, and by making my own VR game as this final project, I tried to find out about my aptitude and the current industry. Through Unit 13, I chose a course towards Games design. This was a very important unit for me, as it was a decision I made after experiencing the process of character design, game synopsis, programming, 3D character, and animation.

This project is also meaningful in that I learned C# more professionally. This is my third attempt for a Unity game using C#, and I learned more tips than the first. With this project, I became interested in computer languages ​​such as Blueprint, Java, and C++ in Unreal Engine 4. From the first unit, my interest in fine arts started to be interesting in engineering studies such as computer programming. The advantage is that my perspective on art has expanded.

However, I have never neglected artistic and humanities research while conducting technical research. After reading Ryutosuke Akutakawa’s collection of short stories, I found out that among his works,’In a Grove’ and’Rashomon’ had a great influence on Akira Kurosawa’s’Rashomon’. Also, I have been thinking for a long time how to visualize the’Rashomon’ effect newly by linking the’Rashomon’ effect to memory variability and deformation transients. And my reinterpretation is as follows: Each character bears a testimony or memory in his favor. In this process, the elements you want to emphasize are visually distorted. This is why I investigated the effects of fashion and deformations in Europe in the 20th century.

From now on, I will describe my timetable, blogging, and final presentation. First week, I invested in coming up with basic ideas in Korea. At that time, I first became interested in’laughter’, which could have many meanings, and saw the works of Chinese artist Yuan Min-jun exhibited in Seoul. The face was exaggerated and distorted, and there were many humorous and satirical pictures of the Chinese government. I was very interested in the joy of humor, and I also investigated Aesop’s fables and Chagall, who painted Aesop’s fables. I enjoyed watching Akira Kurosawa’s’Rashomon’ at the time and had an idea to combine it with the presidency of humor.

In the second and third weeks, while reading a book on a related subject, I fell in love with Akutagawa Ryunosuke’s novel. At this time, I found the story of’The man and the lion’ as a result of researching because the theme of’Rashomon’ might have a great relationship with Aesop’s fables. From the fourth week, I started sketching the 2D character and drawing the muscles of the lion. In addition, we performed character sculpting using a blender. In the fifth and sixth weeks, the characters were textured and animated. From the seventh week, I started making games in Unity in earnest. From then on, I started watching websites and YouTube related to programming, and my interest in games grew. In Weeks 8 and 9, we implemented Blender animations in Unity. In the tenth week, we succeeded in implementing Fumio Hayasaka’s Tryst music into a game engine. Also, by programming, a portal that can be moved from a man’s point of view to a lion’s point of view was created. In the eleventh week of the last week, voice over was assigned to the game, and by using a haptic sensor, we experienced tricking people’s sense of touch with electric signals during vr games. The background of the game was created and the corresponding game atmosphere was also set in the eleventh week.

It was regrettable that I couldn’t write more detailed information on the blog because of putting a lot of weight on the game. In particular, there were large and small trials and errors in sending Blender’s files to the Unity game engine. However, before I even recorded the problem, I tried to solve it, and after solving it, I would forget the existing problems. Nevertheless, it is true that I wrote a blog faithfully to revive my memories as much as possible.
Virtual reality game production was more engineering and technical than other artistic fields. As a result, there were points that an excessively technical term or explanation of the process was unnecessary. To solve this, I have described my thoughts with a technical process. For example, I raised the subjectivity of the article by describing the problem of a specific technology, my thoughts, and solutions.

In the final presentation, I directed myself to play the game wearing a VR headset. It was a new type of presentation, so it was experimental and challenging. However, during the presentation, the technical defect of the VR device and the error that occurred when playing the game and sharing the screen were not expected. As a result, it cannot be said that it was an effective presentation. What I learned through this project is that when presenting media based on’Real Time’ such as games, playing a recorded copy of gameplay in advance is a more effective way to make a presentation. During the presentation, sometimes it was difficult for the listeners to understand as the presentation was made with an excessively technical name.


Previous peer assessment for Pat

Peer assessment for Andy

Peer assessment for Evan

Peer assessment from Andy


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